The Creation of The Miracle School Trust

We (Rubina, Arthur & Angela) live at the edge of a colony in the overcrowded city of Lahore. Around us live many families with minimal income and hundreds of children who are unable to attend school because they cannot afford it. Most of them are orphans and street children. With the concern for the future of our community, we opened our home for 50 noisy and boisterous children from the neighboring slum on 15th July, 1999. We crowded into a small room of our home. The children sat crossed legged on the floor and listened to us as we taught them how to read & write. Our dream was to have a proper school with desks and chairs, a school worthy of children. For many years, the three of us taught the children in our spare time with very little resources. We had our own jobs and continued trying to help the children as best as we could. It was a difficult time for us to walk with these children, we longed to bring new hope in their lives. Finally, in May 2004 we got a kick start when a friend lent us a small sum of money. Within days we rented a building and enrolled 230 poor, needy, and helpless orphan children in seven classes. It was the birth of the Miracle School Trust. Now, after many years of perseverance since 1999, there are 500 children in the Miracle School Model town Lahore & 300 children in the Miracle Brick kiln school. More than 1200 children are also receiving an education in other Brick kiln Villages where we have our outreach work. Children come there for daily basic Scripture studies and Sunday school. We don’t have proper school buildings in the brick kilns for them at the moment, but our purpose is to keep those little kids away from the brick kiln and grant them a new respectful life. At the very least these children should get chance to have time away from the brick kiln and sit in an educational atmosphere learning to read and write. We have been facing this great battle of poverty in our community for many years in which more than 2000 children are receiving free education, books, health, food, medical and clothes.

It was a difficult time for us to walk with these children, we longed to bring new hope in their lives.


The Miracle School Trust is committed to providing free education for deprived, orphans and for poor, needy brick kiln children. There are other fundamentals needs as well:

  • Providing free education to these vulnerable children is our main vision because only education can break the chains of slavery. Due to miserable conditions and poverty, brick kiln children and orphans cannot go to school or afford the fees and expenses of schooling.
  • Health is a great second concern for the families who are living in unsanitary conditions of a slum or a brick kiln environment. Medication is provided to sick children during the summer especially in the brick kiln villages.
  • We provide food, rations and meal support to these children as they are otherwise not able to get even one meal a day on a regular basis. We are providing meals to some of the Miracle established schools but we would like to provide meals/food to all 2000 children under the umbrella of The Miracle School Trust.
  • We provide free books to every child studying in the Miracle Schools Trust as they are unable to afford to buy books. We do not want to lose any of these brick kiln, orphan & poor kids.
  • We provide uniforms to these children so that they don’t feel inferior compared to students at other schools.
  • Literacy courses are provided for young girls and adults at the brick kilns to enable them to read and write. Besides that, the adult literacy programs are supporting the young adults on the brick kilns to learn reading and writing so they may come out of the cycle of poverty and will also be able to read the word of God.
  • Bringing up the children in the brick kilns is not a simple matter. Miracle School arranges mothers’ meetings monthly to encourage and advise them.
  • We provide scholarships to Matric passed students for their further education in colleges in the city. There are to date 350 students who have not only finished school but have also received scholarships and a chance to get jobs between 2006 and 2022. The battle against poverty continues.
  • Women empowerment is a high priority project of The Miracle school Trust. Unfortunately in our society females are facing great hardships in everyday life. We encourage women through various projects like Sewing Centers, Bible study Groups, Adult Literacy and pregnancy and women’s health care. We educate and advise girls on marriage awareness, domestic violence, corporal punishment and honor killing. The treatment of women in our society often leads to depression and deaths. Arranging training programs and seminars enables us to help empower the women.
  • Waterworks is also one of the main visions. By this project we provide good health and hygiene to the children and the women in particular. In the brick kilns the lack of clean drinking water is the main cause of many waterborne diseases and sicknesses.