Food Support


Why food is important for the brick kiln children:

Both the Mobile schools’ children are lucky enough to get food on a daily basis. The reason we provide them daily with a hot meal is they become more healthy and are able to work and learn better and grow better. Their parents are pleased because the children make bricks with their parents in the mornings and then go to school in the afternoons. It is necessary for the childrent to also help their parents part-time or their will not be enough wages. Since we have started providing regular food at the Mobile schools the children not only became healthier but they are also very excited at attending the school and learning better. The food project has brought a very positive impact in the mobile school’s project. We are thankful to the mobile school food project donors that made this task possible and boosts the education and health for these children.

Projects we support for Food

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M mob food
food cooking
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