Life at Brick Kiln

The life of the brick kiln people is terribly hard in South Asian countries. They are Cultural Christians and living a demeaned and inhumane life. They work from dawn to dusk to complete their task of making 1000 bricks along with whole family including the children earning 3 to 4 $ per making 1000 bricks after deduction of their debts. Most children want to run from the brick kiln factory. It’s where they destined to work, just like his father as slaves. Their hands are calloused and rough to struggle to repay their parents debts, in these struggles they lose childhood memories due to force to work. The work in the brick kiln is really hard with no resources of shed upon their heads even no water available for them. By the heat of the brick kilns and constant work made them miserably sick. Indeed, life at the brick kilns is brutal, especially for the children who must work hard under extremely cruel conditions, instead of studying at school or enjoying life like other children. This is really the bad situation children lost their childhood to wish to repay their parents debts .it is apparent that the situation is grim. When it rains which is very favorable time for the brick kiln owner to trap these poor workers under the debts with an extra ordinary interest upon the debts. To repay such debts these poor people until their last breathe. In this battle against slavery the Miracle School Trust is playing a vital role to provide ambitious future for better life.

Saving lives from Slavery....
(Glimpse of Brick kiln Life)

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