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Life itself is the biggest learning arena in the world, far more than any educational institute. The purpose of my life since childhood, after the death of my mother at the age of four and my father abandoning his four young children, has been to be burdened for those who suffer and are deprived. I belong to a well off family that provided me with everything in life in terms of education and material needs. But the goal and direction of my life was determined largely from my own sufferings. I learned in life that we shouldn’t cry upon the loss of life and become a victim of our circumstances. We should be faithful to the Lord our God who has been faithful to us and depend upon Him for power, patience and endurance in our sufferings. We have only one life which we should consider as a blessing. I committed myself to help those children who are orphans like me but who have no resources and opportunities which I had received as blessings in my life. After finishing my school and becoming educated, we started a school for 57 orphans and disadvantaged children. It was a breakthrough in my life  to be able to serve this way. It gives me great joy in the Lord. He has given me a great purpose in my life and He has used my own sufferings of losing my parents so that today I am able to have compassion and feel the pain of those who are like me in this world.

With the grace of God and His beloved people standing with us in this battle of poverty against education and humanity today; I am honoured to be one of God’s children who are privileged to help more than 2000 brick kiln needy and vulnerable children and orphans in my own country. I am able to serve through through his helping hands. I am blessed to share that my friends and family are a great support to the Miracle School Trust since the very first day of its establishment. I believe miracles can happen………. By the grace of God, let them continue!


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